Why do I attend seminary and institute?

Luis Daniel Santana
Luis Daniel Santana

It is a great blessing to be able to see the miracles that have occurred in these last days. Despite living in times of uncertainty and fear, the example of the Youth of the Church is wonderful and inspiring. They exercise faith in attending their seminary classes; Young Adults participate in institute and have spiritual experiences there that help them in their conversion, make better choices in their daily lives, and provide them with the tools to let God prevail in their lives, as asked by our living prophet, President Russell M. Nelson.

We recently asked young people in the Caribbean Area why they attend seminary and institute classes. Their answers were wonderful and inspiring for teachers, seminary and institute staff, Church leaders, and parents. The thoughts shared by our youth encouraged those who do not attend to participate in classes. By joining seminary and institute classes, they can receive guidance or comfort for the loss of a loved one or a personal problem, experience deep learning in the Lord's way, and receive tools that will help them find solutions to significant problems in their lives in an uplifting environment.


Here are 10 reasons shared by young people to attend seminary and institute:

  1. Feel closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  2. Learn about ourselves.
  3. Meet new people by building each other and learning the gospel in a dynamic and a respectful environment.
  4. To understand, master and apply the scriptures in our lives.
  5. Obtain knowledge of the Lord's plan.
  6. Know how to face life’s challenges and learn to receive personal revelation.
  7. Increase and strengthen faith in Jesus Christ.
  8. Remember the reasons why we follow Jesus Christ and become more converted to Him.
  9. Get prepared for a mission.
  10. Share what you have learned and inspire others to know the gospel.

I add my testimony that participating in seminary and institute will help you understand and trust the teachings and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, guide you to have a deeper conversion, empower you to receive temple ordinances, and stand firm on the covenant path. In addition, you will be trained to teach and testify of Christ and His gospel as well as prepared to gather Israel in anticipation of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.