Thousands of children around the world enjoy an event held especially for them


On Saturday, February 20, the Friend-to-Friend broadcast was held for children ages 3 to 11, their parents and Primary leaders.

In the Caribbean Area, this day was joyously awaited. Not only on the children's side, their parents have also been enthusiastic and ready to help them prepare.

“One of the many ways I have been preparing my child is by teaching him about prophets. We have a living prophet who is called of God as a true seer and revelator, President Russell M. Nelson”, said Jaya Govinda Mangray, mother of 6-year-old Christian from Trinidad and Tobago. “We must hearken to the counsel given by him and the other leaders who will speak to us.'

Over the course of the event, the hosts: Luis and Antonia, helped the children have a good time through songs, stories, and activities such as coloring or telling stories with rocks. Before the broadcast, children were asked to come prepared with a piece of paper, markers or other things to draw with, as well as scripture passages, which were used in fun and meaningful activities.

As I heard the children sing “I Will Walk with Jesus”, Sister Marlene Silfa said “I could feel a special Spirit. I know that if children remember that they are children of God, they will follow the right path and make good choices in their lives.”

The broadcast had President Russell M. Nelson, Sister Cristina Franco of the Primary presidency, and Elder Ulisses S. Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as guests.

During his message President Russell M. Nelson said: “The music, stories, videos, and activities, were all excellent… We have been reminded that each of us is a beloved child of God. Please remember that fact. If you never forget that one pure truth, you can face any problem with faith and courage.”

“Now you might think”, President Nelson said, “that because you are young you cannot do great things. Maybe you think that Heavenly Father's work is only for adults; but I want you to know that Heavenly Father sees things differently than we do. His ways are very different from ours. He has said ‘…by small and simple things are great things brought to pass…’.” Alma 37:6

At the end of the broadcast, Tisjean Abraham Warner, a 5-year-old boy from Trinidad and Tobago, shared: “I liked Friend to Friend because I learned about Jesus Christ, who is my Savior and who loves us all.” And Christian, also from Trinidad and Tobago commented, “I really enjoyed and watched every part of the event, and I was very grateful for this opportunity. I know that The Savior Himself teaches young children”.

The 45-minute event is available, and you can watch it here:


With the friend-to-friend broadcast, the #IHaveAFriend campaign came to an end.

Aiming to have the children of the Caribbean Area ready for the event, they were invited to set goals, share them in a video and invite others to do the same through social media and using the hashtag #IHaveAFriend.

One by one, the children began to participate in the challenge. On the day of the broadcast, there were more than 160 videos of them, which, with motivating words and determination, inspired us to listen to their tender desires to be better through their goals.


You can watch the compilation video here: