The Women in My Family

The Women in My Family

our family can gain strength as you learn and share the inspiring stories of the women that came before you.


  • Tell them you love them. If possible, call your mom, aunt, or grandma, and tell her why you love her and how she’s positively influenced you.
  • Make a meal together. Pick a few women from your family tree, find out more about their story, and cook meals they made. If recipes haven't been passed down, search the internet for traditional recipesfrom places they lived.
  • (For Kids) Make handprint people. Use paper and pen to trace your kid’s hands, and cut them out. Use crayons or paints to decorate them to look like the women in your family tree. Talk about the many ways women’s hands worked to make their families’ lives better.


  • (For Kids) Do an ancestor photoshoot. Talk about women in your family tree, and look at their pictures. Use props from around the house to dress up like an ancestor and pose to match the original photo. Talk about their stories and what you can tell about their personalities from the photos. Consider sharing your experience with others on social media.

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