The Liahona is for the whole family!

We invite the Caribbean members to have each month in their homes a printed issue of the Liahona magazine.

Within its pages, every family member will find a message that will bless the home and strengthen faith in Jesus Christ. In the printed issue of the Liahona you may also find messages from local leaders, stories of faith of the saints in the Caribbean and also the most important Church news in the area.

Additional, starting 2018 the Relief Society and Melchizedek Priesthood lessons of the second, third and fourth Sunday will be given of topics found in said magazine.

Subscribing is very easy, if you live in the Dominican Republic, you can do so by calling 809-731-2022 or through the online store Members from outside the Dominican Republic can make their subscription through the online store

The magazine will arrive each month to the unit where you attend every Sunday.