The Lesser Antilles District Meets Together for a District Conference

The Lesser Antilles District Meets Together for a District Conference

On Saturday evening, June 8, 2024, the Lesser Antilles District met together for their District Conference. Area Seventy, Elder Tomas G. Roman presided and was accompanied by Elder Oscar A. Perez, Area Seventy. Also in attendance were President Paul Horstmeier, President of the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission, and his wife, Karryl, District President, President Wanso Pierre-Louis, and counselors.

Sister Karryl Horstmeier began the meeting with the scripture, Matthew 11:29-30 and the importance of yoking ourselves to something that is stronger. She said, “Once we yoke ourselves with the Savior, we will find peace.”

District President, President Wanso Pierre-Louis, then addressed the congregation. He introduced the 99+1 promotion to celebrate President Russell M. Nelson’s 100th birthday this coming September. Following the parable of the lost sheep, Pierre-Louis encouraged us to seek out the “one” and serve each other as we commemorate our president’s birthday.

Elder Oscar A. Perez, newly appointed Area Seventy, stressed the importance of staying on the covenant path. “Jesus wants us to be happy and to be more like Him. Keeping the commandments guarantees this happiness.”

Elder Tomas G. Roman, presiding officer, concluded the evening meeting. He explained to those in attendance that “we are all here with a purpose… we accepted the plan, and that’s why we are here on earth to choose the Lord as our Savior and mediator… our district is ripe to becoming a stake… we need to [continue to] have faith, repent, be baptized and confirmed, and then endure to the end.”

On Sunday morning, June 9, 2024, Sister Horstmeier again began the meeting by reminding those in attendance that the Lord knows all of us on the isles of the seas, as quoted in 2 Nephi 29:7. She reiterated that the Lord loves and wants to help us.

President Horstmeier shared eight truths that set our church apart from other churches:

  1. The Restoration
  2. Priesthood Authority
  3. Book of Mormon
  4. Apostles
  5. Knowledge of the pre-mortal life
  6. The true doctrine of baptism
  7. We believe in obeying ALL the commandments
  8. Families can be together forever

The second Counselor in the District Presidency, President Garth Jeffery Pickett, shared his testimony of the following principles: we have the Lord’s authority here on earth; sacrifice is important; and when the Lord inspires us, we need to act no upon our impressions.

Elder Perez cautioned the congregation, “You may not remember everything that transpired today, but pay attention to how you feel.” He also reminded the congregation to try to visit the temple at least once a year. Being aware that there is no temple in Antigua, he encouraged the membership to at least hold a temple recommend, which is just as important because it shows our worthiness to attend.

Elder Roman concluded the District Conference by bearing his testimony of his conversion to the church. He then taught that “what we do in this life matters.” Mortality is the time to make good decisions because it will affect where we go in the next life.