The Joy of Doing Family History and Temple Work

Elder Alonso Elder Jose L. Alonso

Impressions or feelings

What comes to my mind when I listen, read, or think about Temple and Family History work?

Without a doubt, what I feel and think about is the great love Our Heavenly Father has for us and about His wonderful plan of happiness.

When I think about temple and family history work, what comes to my mind is the joy of being reunited with my own family, my ancestors, and my future relatives. I love temple and family history work. It makes me feel happy, excited, and full of love for my family and ancestors.


When I am immersed in temple and family history work, I feel a deep peace in my heart. I am filled with joy, gratitude, and an incredible hope for the future. President Benson said, “When I think of genealogy, I see people--people I love” How might this observation influence your approach to family history? What can we do to help more of our ancestors receive the blessings of the gospel?


Family history should never be considered a strenuous task since it is about the great love we have for our ancestors and the great love we feel for our Heavenly Father and for His Son Jesus Christ.

In addition, serving in the temple is a great blessing. I love being in and serving in the temple. Don’t say “no” when you are invited to attend and serve in the temple. President Hinckley declared: “The temple is a sanctuary of service where we receive saving ordinances in behalf of those who have died without receiving the gospel. “Most of the work done in this sacred house is performed vicariously in behalf of those who have passed beyond the veil of death. I know of no other work to compare with it. It more nearly approaches the vicarious sacrifice of the Son of God in behalf of all mankind than any other work of which I am aware.

Thanks is not expected from those who in the world beyond become the beneficiaries of this consecrated service. It is a service of the living in behalf of the dead. It is a service which is of the very essence of selflessness.”


If you have not yet started on your family history, I am extending an invitation to you to do it, now! If it is needed, ask for help from the temple and family history consultant in your ward or branch or go to the family search site for guidance (

In the Book of Mormon, Nephi said, “And thus my father, Lehi, did discover the genealogy of his fathers. ... And now when my father saw all these things, he was filled with the Spirit.” 1 Nephi 5:16-17 The youth were challenged by Elder Neil L Andersen when he said, “I want to challenge each of you to set a personal goal to help prepare as many names for the temple as baptisms you perform in the temple.

Again, my challenge for you is to prepare as many names for the temple as you perform baptisms in the temple.“ How grateful I am to know that I can help my ancestors receive the saving ordinances by doing family history and temple work. I feel immense joy when I attend the temple and feel the spirit of our Heavenly Father; I feel His love and receive His guidance.

Challenge and Invitation

President Nelson declared last year during the RootsTech Family Discovery Day, “I would like to extend a challenge to each one of us so that the wonderful feeling can continue and even increase.

I invite you prayerfully to consider what kind of sacrifice, and preferably a sacrifice of time, you can make to do more family history and temple work this year.” I am very excited to follow the advice and challenge given by President Nelson to sacrifice a little of my time to achieve the great joy of doing family history and temple work.