Preparing to go to the Temple

Preparing to go to the Temple
Our preparation to go to the Temple started with us individually, as a young man growing up in the Children’s Home I promised myself that I would not have any children before I got married and also that I would never live with any woman without being married to them. On the other side of things Sister Hanley vowed that if she did not get married she would become a “Nun.”  So for both of us we unknowingly prepared ourselves for Temple marriage before we become members of the Church.
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Joining the Church have only brought clarity to the decisions we made earlier in life. Now our desire to be married was not just a desire it became a goal. From the time we were introduced to the gospel we held on with both hands and were determine to get all that it offered. Being taught that as a married couple we could be together for time and all eternity we hungered for it.  Therefore we prepared ourselves to receive all the ordinances needed to accomplish our goal of getting married in the Temple.

Now in seeking to accomplish our goal of getting to Temple, the next thing to do was to get ready physically. We then sought how financially we would get this goal accomplished; we budgeted our merge funds and presented it to the Lord for him to bless it. Heavenly Father indeed did blessed our funds in that a missionary couple the Becks agreed to pay in full for us to travel to Salt Lake City to be married in the Temple. Not only did they pay the bill for travel but they also planned the entire wedding, a gift we will be forever grateful for.

On the 11th of April 1996, all our preparation paid off Sister Pamella Hanley and I was sealed for time and all eternity and have been living happily together ever since.