Expression of gratitude for our Temple Experience

Expression of gratitude for our Temple Experience

As patriarch of my family, the lot is very much upon me to share the feelings expressed on behalf of my wife and daughter.

I was first endowed many years ago and realized that there was something more significant to accomplish; and that was to be sealed with a family someday.

My wife and I were married exactly a year ago within the same month of April and our desire was to be sealed in the temple with our little girl.

It was really challenging and it took much for us to be prepared. The spiritual preparation was the main part and we wanted to be totally worthy with no reservations or inhibitions in our minds as to our readiness.

Despite all the temporal preparations we made, we can honestly say that it would not have been enough to entitle us to go. We must express heartfelt thanks to our leaders and their vision as well as our brothers and sisters who assisted, and of course the sacrifice of many to the Temple Patron Fund which afforded us the opportunity to go.

My patriarchal Blessing held many promises which were realized and it also indicated things pertaining to my  eternal companion which when shared, made our trip more of a fulfillment given by the Lord.

There were many things that before now could not have been shared with my companion but now we are “one” in understanding.

Our daughter has since had an unwavering excitement and now has a burning desire to return as often as possible; even weekly if possible. This experience will no doubt strengthen her resolve to live the gospel more fully and to look forward to making covenants in the temple, starting with her baptism in another year and a half.

Our objective at this time is to seek to live the Gospel more faithfully and to assist other families to pursue and achieve the goal of attending the temple, and as for those who have already been sealed or endowed, to support and strengthen  them in keeping their covenants.

May the lord continue to bless and sustain the prophet and those called to lead and govern his work. May the truth go forth and cover the Earth, may the stakes be strengthened,  may we always seek to stand in holy places and may we prepared at to meet the lord at his coming.

The gospel is true, Jesus is the Christ and may families really be together for ever.

 The Williams Family (Troy, Janet & Renisha)