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Brother Félix Emilio Aquino, despite his physical limitations, gets up early each Sunday to attend the Church and renew his baptismal covenants.
Rajane Samuels, With the help of Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost, my ancestors, and family members, I had reached my target. I had sixteen worthy and willing temple ready ancestors!
Stories of Jamaica's earliest Saints
Ertha Benn Jackson,  I am very grateful for the restored gospel.
Jamaica, Letter written by the William Family of Jamaica, to the presidency of the Caribbean Area.
Jamaica is a beautiful Island in the Caribbean, where the members of the church have developed a very strong faith through their obedience to the commandments and who show a willingness to follow Christ through daily sacrifices.
West Indies- The countries are celebrating 25 years of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in West Indies by showcasing the talents of the young people. Celebration 2015 is going so fact it is awesome.
But that is what God promises us missionaries according to our faithful obedience: miracles. And that’s what “The Boys” are. And that’s what has happened in their lives. Miracles.
Sister Sharlyne Joseph and Elder Janal Felix, are the very first missionaries called from the Vieux Fort Branch on the island of St. Lucia.