St. Kitts members visit the temple

St. Kitts Temple Visit

The last Christmas a group of 15 members from St. Kitts Island visited the temple in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. For some of them was the first time that they visited a temple and some decided to share their feeling during this trip.

Sister Aniesa Foreman:

As I approach the doors of the Temple I recounted the story of the Nephites who gathered for King Benjamin’s address and pitched their tents facing the temple so they could see and hear him.  My spirit was uplifted as I was doing the same.  I felt the love of my Savior, every step of the way I was comforted with the presence of the Holy Spirit assuring me that I had made a righteous choice in worshipping in the temple.  I was strengthened as I worshipped in the temple with family and friends, which caused me to be a better mother, friend and leader.  I know as I attend frequently I will gain spiritual reinforcement against the debilitating influences of the world.

Sister Pemberton

Sister Daniele Pemberton:

'My temple visit was an experience I lovingly refer to as 'Coming Home'. On my first visit to the temple, I struggled for a long time to be and feel worthy enough to enter the Lord's House. With the help of many loved ones in the church, I was able to get to a place where I felt the Lord wanted me and was able to be worthy enough to have a Temple recommend. I then realized that every trial I faced prior to my first visit was preparation I needed in order to have the joy I would feel when I arrived. I was able to receive my Patriarchal Blessing and my endowments on the same day and spend much time in quiet reflection on my family. 

What a joy it was for me to have that Spiritual experience. I wanted my family to have the same spiritual experience.

In the year that followed I was strong enough to be a better friend, a sister and a spiritual motivator, and developed a bond with another sister who quickly became one of my favorite spiritual persons to be with. It was an even more amazing experience of our Savior's love to be able to help her come to a place where we could travel with other members of our Branch to the temple only one year later and have them experience the same joy I felt in our Father's Home on earth as they enjoyed the blessings I had received and have family members that have gone before us receive those blessings too. For me it was like 'Coming Home', this time with members of my Heavenly family. It has allowed us to have that bond that can only be felt in our Father's Kingdom. I am truly grateful for the blessings of the Temple and strive each day to live as though I am still there. I know that being in the temple of the Lord draws us closer to Him and as a result we are better able to love and serve each other. Our Heavenly Father lives and wants us and our families to return to 'Our Heavenly Home.' 

'The temple experience was a blessing. I really felt the spirit, especially when I received my endowments.'

Sister Jarvis