Sister J. Anette Dennis and Sister Tracy Browning visits Trinidad and Tobago

Sister J. Anette Dennis and Sister Tracy Browning visits Trinidad and Tobago

On September 15th and 16th,2022, the Port of Spain, Trinidad Stake hosted Sister J. Anette Dennis, first counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency and Sister Tracy Browning, second counselor in the Primary General Presidency. Elder Kevin G. Brown, Area Seventy presided at various gatherings which included leadership meetings and a young adult devotional.

At the Primary and Relief Society leadership training, Sister Browning recounted a personal experience of Christ's love when she first joined the church at the age of 16. She shared her frustrations of feeling as if she didn’t belong but expressed that because her fellow sisters loved her first, she was able to allow their goodness to wash over her. Because of their love, “she was influenced to be open, to be generous, and to serve.'

Sister Browning then echoed a question posed by President Nelson; “Who are you?” It was a call to remember three Identities; first, you are a Child of God, second, a child of the covenant and third, a disciple of Jesus Christ. Understanding these three doctrines will help us to navigate life’s decisions.

The following afternoon at the Young Adult Leadership Meeting, Elder Kevin G. Brown, Area Seventy emphasized that the young adults are like the “engine of the church.” He affirmed that young adults are needed, have a significant role in the gospel, and confirmed that they are both loved and trusted. He then shared this important example of love and trust. “Heavenly Father loves us and shares His Son with us. Everything He does, He does through His Son. He invites us to follow His Son.” We were reminded that the work of salvation is not solely on the shoulders of individuals but that each is yoked with Jesus Christ.

Sister J. Anette Dennis and Sister Tracy Browning visits Trinidad and Tobago

In the Thursday evening young adult devotional, Sister Dennis likened our divine parentage to the dynamics of young Simba and his Kingly father, Mufasa in the 1994, Disney movie, The Lion King, and cautioned that while living below our privilege might feel comfortable, we must remember that “we are sons and daughters of The Most High King and we are not here for hakuna matata”.

Sister Dennis shared that World Cup soccer coaches’ will often put their best, most talented players in the latter part of games. In these last days, when persecution and earthly challenges are at their fiercest, Heavenly Father has sent this cadre of young adults to Earth. She invited attendees to consider, “what does that say about you? You cannot sit on the grass and observe the game; get involved in the battle…. and invite others to do so.”

Sister Browning counseled young adults to take one step at a time as they aspire to reach spiritual heights. She said that “every time you kneel to pray, read your scriptures, partake of the sacrament or choose to live the gospel of Jesus Christ; you are climbing.” She then testified that the Lord restored His church to help us climb toward perfection. Further, she affirmed, “we are not alone on that climb. We end that climb next to Him. We will stand comfortably next to Him because we will then be like Him.”

Area Organization Advisor in the Caribbean Area, Sister Nadine L. Brown was invited to share her testimony and witnessed that young adults have the capacity to do more, that in fact they are kings and queens in the making, entitled to priesthood power. She then invited all to embark upon the covenant path.

Elder Brown then closed with the invitation from President Nelson to increase spiritual momentum. He added that President Nelson is a Prophet of God and he knows what to say and when to say it. Finally, He confirmed that Jesus Christ is the redeemer of the world and that He freely gives of His Strength and His power to us.