Self-Reliance Plan


Self-Reliance Plan forms and the Bishop's Guide to the Self-Reliance Plan are designed to help individuals and families become more self-reliant.

Bishops and branch presidents should use the guide to plan and track personal assistance and self-reliance plans.

Members use the Self-Reliance Plan form on their own or with the help of a mentor, who can be appointed by the bishop. This form helps members assess their needs, their income and expenses, identify available resources, identify the service they can give in exchange for assistance, and develop their own plan to become more self-sufficient.

Once the form is completed, the bishop meets with the member in need to discuss the challenges he or she faces. The bishop may assign a leader or another individual as a mentor to assist the member.  By reviewing this plan, the bishop can better understand how to provide more effective assistance. The bishop and the assigned mentor can then provide assistance to the member with the implementation of their individual plan.

You can find an electronic copy of both forms in the Welfare session. In addition to this, they can request an electronic copy from the area's Welfare Department at, Tel. 809-487-0120 x2253 / 2259).

Self-Reliance Plan (PD60007387 002)

Bishop's Guide to the Self-Reliance Plan (PD60005860 002)

Notice about new Form for the Self-Reliance