Port-of-Spain Trinidad Stake members visited the temple


The dates from February 28th to March 3th, 11 members from Port-of-Spain Trinidad Stake visited the temple in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

For seven of them it was the first time that they had visited a temple. Four families had the blessing to be sealed as an eternal family with their children in this special trip. Members shared their experiences.

Ramdhanie Family:

It was wonderful to be sealed to each other for time and all eternity. We also enjoyed doing baptisms for the dead, and we definitely think that it is something that everyone should take part in. It is truly a very spiritual experience to feel the presence of the person for whom you are being baptized, as if they are right next to you and expressing their gratitude to you, while sharing their joy with you.

We also felt the spirit the strongest when we did the family history work for our ancestors. We just want to encourage all who can to come to the temple. It is a great blessing for individuals, families and for those who are on the other side of the veil.

Kempton Lewis:

Being able to do the work for my grandparents and great grandfather was an amazing experience. It truly increased my testimony of the love our Heavenly Father has for us. The gospel is true, and we still have lots of work to do to ensure that our deceased relatives have the opportunity to live with us in the celestial kingdom. Through every action I did for them, I felt them say ' thank you'. I will never forget that feeling. It will drive me to continue to do the work for as many relatives as I can. I love this gospel and I will do my best to help them have that joy.

Bishop Richard Ramdhanie:

I felt truly grateful to my Heavenly Father and my savior Jesus Christ for giving us this wonderful opportunity to enter into their holy house to participate in performing saving ordinances for our loved ones. As a Bishop of Curepe Ward, I am elated that my brothers and sisters have taken this delightful opportunity to get closer to their ancestors. It is my desire for all members in the Ward to understand the importance of the sacred work that takes place in the temple and to make a special effort to visit as soon as possible. We, the leaders of the ward, will do all that is necessary to help our members to also experience this spiritual journey.