Our Faith Will See Us Through


The national anthem of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has a line that says 'What e'er the future brings, our faith will see us through.' Because of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that they can make it through any trials they face. Many people have been displaced from their homes and have left behind everything. Members of the church and their families are grateful and comforted to know that the church is there to support them.

The church is helping to provide much needed physical, emotional, and spiritual support.  The church building has been turned into a shelter where families are able to stay during this time of local disaster.  Members and non-members are working together and serving each other.  The leaders and many members are sacrificing their time to create and implement activities.


Pallets with hygiene kits being loaded in Grenada to be shipped to Saint Vincent, thanks to the help of Rotary Club members and Latter-day Saints who helped pack 1000 kits.

There are times dedicated to worship in the chapel, families and groups can participate in the Come Follow Me program, there are opportunities to share testimonies with each other. All who staying in the shelter are able to feel the love of Christ as they witness examples of service to their family members as well as to those who are not members of the church.

Rotary Club members working with members of the Church of Jesus Christ in Grenada help package 1000 hygiene kits for the people of Saint Vincent.

“We are grateful for the leaders of the church who have encouraged us to store water and increase our food storage,” stated Ronique Forbes, a member in the Kingston Branch. Because the church members followed the counsel of the leaders, they were more prepared for the disaster. “It was indeed scary to have the volcano erupting. However, we knew what we needed to do, and that we had a place to go.”

Although there is not a temple on the island, there is a chapel, and it has been converted into a shelter and a place of refuge where members and non-members can feel safe and can feel the Spirit of the Lord in the daily devotionals. Returned missionaries who faithfully served in on the island are using the teaching skills they developed as missionaries to help the members in this difficult time. People have commented that the disaster has further strengthened their faith in Jesus Christ and has drawn them closer as families. “We may have lost many things, but we have not lost our faith in Jesus Christ and we have also gained blessings,” said Ronique.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ in Saint Vincent help preparing the food hampers at the meetinghouse in Kingstown, where some 50 people are sheltered amidst the La Soufrière volcano eruptions and explosions.

Members are able to serve their brothers and sisters as they all work together as a team to build the Lord’s kingdom. They believe they are guided by a living prophet of God, named President Russell Nelson.  He receives revelation from the Lord, and communicates to members through the living Apostles and down through the Caribbean Area Presidency and to the local leaders and to the local community. Members learn to love the gospel and the programs of the Church of Jesus Christ as they follow Jesus Christ.


200 food hampers donated to NEMO in Saint Vincent on April 13.
200 food hampers donated to NEMO in Saint Vincent on April 13.