Sustain, Sustain, Sustain

Sustain, Sustain, Sustain
In the book of Kings in the Old Testament we read the account of Elijah the prophet and his companion Elisha.  Elijah had been a great prophet in Israel for many years.  Everyone loved him and respected him. But people knew that Elijah was very old and soon would die.  Elisha insisted on accompanying Elijah wherever he went.   Many people also followed them.  When they reached the Jordan River, Elijah performed a miracle in front of everyone.  Removing his mantle, Elijah used it to smite the waters of the river.  The water miraculously divided allowing Elijah and Elisha to cross over on dry ground.

Everyone was amazed by what they saw.   They watched as a chariot of fire descended from heaven and carried Elijah away, leaving Elisha alone.  Imagine how Elisha felt knowing that now he was the new prophet.  Would the people support him as they supported Elijah?

Elisha saw that Elijah’s mantle had fallen to the ground.  He took the mantle and folded it.  Returning to the Jordan River, Elisha smote the waters of the Jordan as Elijah had done.  The waters divided and Elisha again crossed on dry ground.  The Lord had chosen a new prophet.

Perhaps God has given us this account to teach us the importance of sustaining our leaders.  A leader in the Church of Christ is not qualified by his intelligence, nor his charisma.  Be it the Bishop, the Primary President or the President of the Deacons Quorum, it is the mantle that qualifies one for the Lord’s work.

I have not met any leader in the Church that believes he is perfect.  But when a leader is set apart by the laying on of hands by those in authority, God recognizes and supports him.  Those who murmur or turn against a leader are actually turning against God, while those who sustain their leaders are pleasing to God.  “For he that receiveth my servants receiveth me”.  Doctrine and Covenants 84:36.

 A great principle I have learned during my years as a member of this Church is to sustain, sustain, sustain my leaders.