Christ-like Attributes that Emerge at Christmas Time

Christ-like Attributes that Emerge at Christmas Time
As this very special time of year approaches--the celebration of one of the most noble and important events in Christianity, the birth of the Babe of Bethlehem-- we remember more poignantly that He came to bring us immortality and to offer eternal life to all who would believe in His name and follow in His footsteps.

As I make the effort to follow in the Savior’s footsteps, I think of Section 4 of the Doctrine and Covenants where it teaches us what qualifies us for the work, the attributes of Christ that we need to have in order to follow Him.

Many of us reflect those attributes during the Christmas season, yet they ought to be with us all the time. I feel that every season of the year should be Christmas so that these attributes of Christ will become strongly rooted in our lives and thus we will not have to wait for Christmas to show our fellowmen that we are concerned about them and that we have genuine love for them. (Matthew 22:35-40.)

Developing the attributes of our Savior is what will help us to keep in our minds and our hearts both the temporal and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters.

To emulate the love of Christ requires a great change of heart and great humility, and that we rid ourselves of pride and envy, that we become new creatures (Alma 5:26-29.)

Moroni 7:47 teaches us that charity is the pure love of Christ and that it endureth forever, and that whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him. And so, my dear brothers and sisters, we should demonstrate charity not only at Christmas time but always, so that it may be well with us at all times of the year.

Service is part of charity. At Christmas time we are very given to helping and serving others. In Matthew 24:12 there is a prophecy that tells us that in the last days the love of many shall wax cold. So that this will not occur in our lives as Latter-day Saints, we should continue in love and service to our fellowmen at all times and that way we will be more like our Savior each day. 

May our calls to our loved ones be more consistent. May our expressions of love and affection be more frequent. May our messages of gratitude be sent more often and be more encouraging. May our gifts be those that cannot be purchased with money so that they will last.

My dear brothers and sisters, I have learned over time to enjoy Christmas in every season of the year. May we always come and worship the Christ Child, the Savior of mankind, our Advocate with the Father, the King of kings and Lord of lords. I testify to you with all humility that His Second Coming to the Earth will not go unnoticed, that the trumpet will be heard in every nation and every tongue shall confess that He is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.