Living the Gospel

By Cobriel Delphi

Living the Gospel

Living the Gospel can be likened unto many things. Today, let’s liken it unto a sport loved the world over: basketball. Before a game starts in basketball, the teams are chosen. We came to this earth because we were chosen and chose to be a part of God’s team.

In basketball, there are coaches, assistant coaches and referees that guide and protect us. In the gospel we have a Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to lead, guide and protect us. They are important to us and our team. The head coach can be likened unto our

Heavenly Father. He is the person in charge of everything and watches over the players. The

assistant coach can be likened unto Jesus Christ because He is our advocate, we go through Him when we pray to our Heavenly Father. The referees can be likened unto the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost is there to guide us and protect us. He whispers to us to make good decisions, keep the commandments and stay on the path.

Just like when you are finally selected after tryouts to be a part of the basketball team, to start our journey in the gospel we must be born again through baptism by the proper authority. It feels great after you are baptized and confirmed, even better than when you have made the team. Once we are baptized into the team, the work is not over. Just like traveling in basketball, we could take too many steps in the wrong direction without listening to Heavenly Father, through the promptings of the Holy Ghost. As we keep practicing (repenting), playing (trying to do better), we overcome challenges or temptations and we become more like our Savior. The player needs to stay faithful; practice hard and always play as a team, not as an individual to successfully win. We need to keep coming to church, learn to serve others and love as Christ does.

In Summary, living the gospel of Jesus Christ requires desire, practice, effort and determination. It requires us to give our all, we must keep our head in the game and not allow outside influences to distract us if we want to win the game. This will be the greatest win.