I also Index “Connect with your ancestors”

All people from the Caribbean area are invited to be part of this campaign, the goal is that together we index 400,000 new names.

The sixth edition of the 'I also index' campaign is back, for the countries of the Caribbean Area, the campaign starts on July 11 and until August 14, 2022.

All people from the Caribbean area are invited to be part of this campaign, the goal is that together we index 400,000 new names.

Everyone will be able to join by indexing from home, through their mobile devices, or from their stake Family History centers by accessing the link familysearch.org/indexing/my-indexing. If you need help, the Temple and Family History Consultants in the wards and branches will be able to assist you in the learning process.

Young people are especially invited to participate, invite their friends and use their skills to achieve the goal. The 'Special Mutuals' will be a perfect setting for them to enthusiastically join and work on the campaign.

At first, indexing may seem like ordinary data entry, but it is a spiritual task that blesses lives on both sides of the veil.

Indexing makes family history research easier and faster for everyone. “The Lord has given us the technology for massive improvements in finding names. Indexing is a collective effort to help all Heavenly Father’s children.”

Here are some ideas that will help make indexing a spiritually satisfying experience.

1. Start with a prayer.

2. Eliminate distractions, including television, social media, or music that could impede the influence of the Spirit.

3. Index with family or friends. Not only will this help you read garbled handwriting, but it may open the door to talking about your own family history.

4. Remember that every name you index represents another person whom your living descendants might find and for whom temple ordinances might be performed through a proxy.

5. Always keep in mind that the Lord will help you. Through the Savior, you can overcome any difficulties that may arise with indexing (see 2 Corinthians 12:9–10).

The First Presidency has stated, “Members are encouraged to participate in FamilySearch indexing which is vital to family history and temple work.”2 Members from around the world are responding to this counsel and receiving remarkable blessings.

Follow and share all the content of the campaign on the Facebook and Instagram pages TheChurchofJesusChrist.Caribbean and find out what is happening to achieve the goal.

We invite you to participate and share your experiences via your social networks, sharing your photos or videos when indexing, using the hashtag #IalsoIndex.

More than names on paper, it is a story of someone who wants to be found. #IalsoIndex, “Connect with your ancestors.”