Savior of the World

Savior of the World

As the curtains were lifted excitement filled the air. A spirit of reverence encompassed the chapel as members, visitors and investigators sat quietly as they waited to see the start of the “Savior of the World presentation: His Resurrection” at the Port Spain Stake.

When the announcement was made three months prior to the event that auditions would be held for the famous play annually performed in Salt Lake City which was now going to be performed locally, members came out in numbers with script in hand ready to audition and sing for various roles/characters in Jesus Christ life.

From as young as 8 years old and above members began the journey to practice for the Presentation/Play. With less than 3 months preparation and some with no prior experience in acting the practice sessions began being lead by Public Affair Director Kearn Samuel. Kearn having a professional background with acting along with Stake President Emrol Gould guided the members accordingly as they entered the life of Jesus Christ at his resurrection.

salvador del mundo

Finally the day came and there it was as the lights filled the darkness Jesus disciples and followers stood by the tomb mourning his death. Later on we saw Mary rejoicing as the angel proclaimed his resurrection and the appearance of Jesus Christ portrayed by Branch President Stefan Francique.

Members testified after the presentation of how they felt the spirit strongly during and after as they witnessed priesthood fathers, brothers, daughters, mothers and others act out the events surrounding the resurrection of the Savior. Some left with tear filled eyes with an increased reality of the life of the Savior.

Excited after the turn out and feedback from the “Savior of the World presentation: His resurrection” they will begin preparing for the next presentation the “Savior of the World: His Birth”.

Salvador del Mundo
Salvador del mundo