Wi Celebration 2015

Wi Celebration 2015

The countries are celebrating 25 years of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in West Indies by showcasing the talents of the young people. Celebration 2015 is going so well...in fact it is awesome.

In St. Vincent, over 160 were in attendance plus 35 participants.  Brother and Sister Lyttle did a marvelous job in preparing, organizing and 'getting it done' About half of the participants were nonmembers. After the performance, youth came up and asked, “When can we do this again?”

The presentation in Barbados focused on the history of the Church in this country. There were dramatic readings, poetry, and songs and one presentation by “mimes.” It was an awesome night of excitement and anticipation for the next show.

In Trinidad, six hundred plus attended Celebration 2015. The Script led the audience from secular culture to the Restoration and then to multiple numbers that reflected the blessings of the Gospel and the Lord in the lives of Latter-day Saints. Missionaries are following up with attendees. All had a great celebration, as people were leaving.

The focus of the Celebration in Guadaloupe was a deep love of the Gospel and the impact the Savior has in our lives. Talented youth preformed as individuals and in groups. Many songs were about the Gospel and the Spirit testified through the poetry and music! Many said the show was wonderful. The oft repeated question was, “When is the next Celebration show?”

These activities continue as part of the big celebration in 2015.