Elder Neil L. Andersen invites the saints in Haiti to be ready to enter the temple


On March 11th, 2017, 118 missionaries gathered at the Centrale chapel to listen to the words of elder Neil L. Andersen, form the quorum of the twelve, who spoke to them about what their life’s expectations should be after the mission. During the meeting, he encouraged the elders and sisters to, once their mission was over, choose a good career, find a good job and get married in the temple. He emphasized the fact that they are the future leaders of the church and that if they stayed faithful, they would help it grow in their country and Heavenly Father would bless them.

Elder Andersen was accompanied by his wife, sister Kathy Andersen; also by elder Richard J. Maynes, of the presidency of the seventy, and his wife, sister Nancy Maynes, and by elder Hugo E. Martinez, general authority seventy and second counselor of the Caribbean area and his wife, sister Nuria Martinez.

That same day a meeting for some priesthood leaders of the four stakes of that country was held, to which 184 brothers attended. With a great expression of love, elder Andersen was willing to answer the questions that the leaders had and took the time to teach them on how to better prepare themselves for the Savior’s second coming, through temple ordinances. This meeting was special for elder Andersen announced, to the brethren that were present, what the location of the second temple in the Caribbean area and the first one in Haiti will be. The construction of this temple was announced by president Thomas S. Monson in the Sunday, April 6th, 2015 general session. Elder Andersen’s invitation to all the leaders present was to prepare themselves to receive the temple ordinances.

During his visit, elder Andersen, who was accompanied by elder Bien Aimé, area seventy, both with their wives, were in a special conference held in the Port-au-Prince stake, Haiti, on Sunday, March 12. To it, 941 people attended. With a spirit of love and emotion, elder Andersen taught them some important principles, among which the following can be highlighted:

“Teaching children to think higher”, reminding them that it will be a blessing to have a temple in their country. Also in this meeting he announced where the temple was to be constructed. This house of the Lord will remain in Haiti until the second coming of the Savior.

He continued saying that the temple is a special place. Then he shared a quote from president Monson: “By passing through the temple doors we find rest for our souls and a respite for our worries'.

After which he added: “The temple is a present form the Lord. As Moses climbed a mountain to receive revelation, so I promise that if you remain faithful, the temple will strengthen you. However, how will you prepare for that? You must be prepared to receive that gift.

When the Lord gives us something of value, He requires our hearts and our loyalty, not our money.

I leave you this challenge: “Read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover, the you’ll be able to say that the Lord has given me something special”.

He ended his address by sharing his witness that he knows that Jesus lives, that he is resurrected and that, one day, we will all be before Him, and there will be no difference in language nor country.

He invited all to make the commitment of building the temple in their hearts and to visit the site and follow up on the construction. He concluded by saying: “when you have it, in three years, you will say: I am prepared, I am stronger and ready to preach”.