Church Makes Donation to Salvation Army and the Ministry of Human Services and Social Protection in Guyana

Head of the Salvation Army Major Matignol Saint-Lot receives donation from representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Andre M. Meredith, at Salvation Army HQ in Georgetown

As COVID-19 cases and deaths increase across Guyana, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has partnered with the Salvation Army and the Ministry of Human Services and Social Protection to serve persons who are directly affected by the pandemic. Food hampers and sanitizing resources were given to both organizations last Friday, August 14 to distribute among those more vulnerable amidst the pandemic.

Representative of the Church Andre Meredith, who serves as a counselor in the Georgetown Guyana District, presented 64 food hampers to the Salvation Army on behalf of the Church at a simple ceremony. The handing over ceremony which was conducted at the headquarters of the Salvation Army located at South and Alexander Streets, Georgetown.

Several items including dry foods such as beans, rice, sugar, canned goods, butter, cooking oil, hand sanitizers and other items were donated to the Salvation Army to aid in its response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These hampers, the Church indicated, will directly benefit those most vulnerable in communities served by the Salvation Army. 

Major Matignol Saint- Lot expressed appreciation to the Church for the timely and much needed donations. He emphasized that, “the Church played a key role in helping support people who are often times overlooked and forgotten in our society. These donations will bring relief for many elderly persons who are experiencing severe challenges during this pandemic.”

Sister Tallmattie Yadram, who made remarks on behalf of the Church and serves as President of the Relief Society, the Church’s women’s arm, shared that these initiatives are part of the Church’s programme of fulfilling its role good citizens. She also stated that, “supporting the poor, needy, sick and vulnerable are important parts of the Church’s mission in Guyana and around the world.” She also pledged further support in various ways by the Church.

Also, the Church made similar presentations to the Ministry of Human Services and Social Protection on Thursday 14th August, 2020 at the Ministry’s main office in Georgetown.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Ms. Lorene Baird, received 8 hampers on behalf of the Ministry. Mr. Latchman Bharrat who serves as Director of Communication in Guyana represented the Church at the simple handing over ceremony held in the boardroom of the Ministry.


Permanent Secretary, Ms. Lorene Baird, of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Protection receives hampers from Mr. Latchman Bharrat, Director of Communications of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Guyana

Minister of Human Services and Social Protection, Dr. Vindyha Persaud, in expressing appreciation to the Church stated, “The Ministry welcomes your generosity, looks forward to your continued support and discussions in the future. Your commitment to serving the less fortunate is commended and we wish you continued success with your endeavors.”

The hampers donated to the Ministry will benefit primarily single mothers affected by the impact of the pandemic.