Blessings of Studying the Gospel Faithfully

Carlton Collins is a very active Seminary student. He and two of his sisters are taught in their home 5 days per week in the early morning.

In Jamaica, there is an annual major high school competition called ‘Schools’ Challenge Quiz’. In this competition, 64 high schools from around the island compete in answering questions pertaining to the fields of sciences, the arts, English, math, current affairs, and religious education


Carlton Collins represented his high school and helped his team (3 others) to the finals. Competing against last year’s winners, they trailed for most of the match, but towards the very exciting final segment of the match a question on religious education was asked. It was the buzzer section where either team could press the buzzer and be given a chance to win the competition. No one knew the answer except for Carlton Collins. This was a question that he knew from seminary about one of the stories in the new testament. Carlton pressed the buzzer and answered correctly, leading his team to victory.

As a result of their victory, the school and the members of the team won many wonderful prizes.

The school is requesting that Carlton stay with them another year, but he has declined as he plans to serve a mission at age 18. What a great blessing to see how his life is being blessed (in all things) because of his faithfulness to the Lord.