Basic Physical Health with Limited Resources

Dear priesthood leaders: We would like to introduce to you this manual regarding welfare principles.

This guide will help members of the Church and others worldwide to help themselves maintain reasonably good physical health even when resources are very limited.

This guide can be used in several ways:

• Individuals and family can teach these principles in their own families and also may keep a copy with emergency preparedness supplies.

• Church and community leaders can use it to teach life-saving concepts.

• Relief Society and quorum leaders may find it useful in their service to those with

limited resources.

• Church leaders can use it as a source to strengthen Church health fairs.


Chapter 1: Disease Prevention

Chapter 2: Cleanliness and Sanitation

Chapter 3: Nutrition

Chapter 4: Family Food Production

Chapter 5: Basic Family Medical Care

This guide is available at the online store and for download in the following address: Provident Living