Tithing settlement, a special experience available to every Church member

Tithing settlement, a special experience available to every Church member

Every year in October, tithing settlement begins. This consist in scheduling an interview with the bishop in which you will analyze that your donation records are consistent with those of the Church.

Tithing are offerings required by the Lord since ancient times with the intend of establishing and building His kingdom here on earth.

The scriptures teach us that Heavenly Father is willing to reward us for such obedience '... and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.' (3 Nephi 24:10).


All members of the Church (whether they have given their donations or not) youth and adults, even children attend this interview with their family.

Your ward or branch clerk will coordinate in advance the day and time of your interview.


From October 15 until December 31.

What’s new?

The Church has created the option of 'Donation history' on the LDS.org webpage where you can see, according the date range you choose, current and past donations you have made.

To access, follow these steps:

  1. Enter LDS.org and click on the My Account and ward link.
  2. Click on donations.
  3. Enter the system with the username and password for your LDS Account (if you don’t have it use the 'Register for an LDS Account' link).
  4. On the left, click on Donation History.

You can also access directly through http://www.lds.org/donations, without forgetting to choose the preferred language in the settings.

Elder Walter F. González, Caribbean Area President, shares his testimony: 'I know that tithing and offering payment opens the windows of heaven and enables our blessings. It is a way to elevate ourselves in order to live to the measurement of our privileges. I know that God lives. I know He is a God of truth. He delivers what He promises. '