Success Stories by Gethro Nérosil

Success Stories by Gethro Nérosil
I am Gethro, the Stake president of Port-au-prince Haiti North; I married my wife on June 16, 2010 in the Santo Domingo Temple. We don’t have children yet.
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I remember a week after my mission I had my first appointment with Elder Pierre-Nau who was at that time the S&I Coordinator. During that meeting I learn all the process to involve in that program, but after the earthquake of January 12, 2010 it took me about one year before I receive my first loan. It was one of the greatest times in my life when I received that loan. I felt peace, joy and hope. During that time I was working with The Interweave Solutions which is an international NGO specialized in Micro-Finance in order to help the members and some non-members become self -reliance. This job helped me to pay all of the fees and take care of my family during my study. Now the program is about to be over. So now, I work fewer hours than before, but the greatest thing that happens is that I am actually working for planet Haiti a TV channel which is an exclusivity of Tele Haiti, a company that offers broadcasting of local and international TV. I received one month of training regarding on how to manage a server of a TV channel. I am so grateful for having this opportunity to receive a PEF loan that helps me obtain this training. Based on that training I am also providing services to The Church as IT Technician. Whenever they have problem regarding computers, local network and internet connectivity.  I am the one they call to resolve that problem. I can’t count how often I provide the said services (supports).

I like what President Hinckley once said: “Education is a key to success, it opens doors and opportunities”. I know more opportunities will come up on which I will be able to catch because I know I am qualified. I am not afraid as president Monson usually quoted: “if you are prepared you shall not fear”.

I will do my very best to pay back the loan so that other members may have this great blessings in their lives. I know that our Heavenly Father knows all of our worries even before the creation of the world and in the due time he inspires his living prophet so that people like me might be blessed. I really don’t have the convenient words to express my feelings, but I shall say that this program is also an expression of the love of God for their faithful children in his kingdom just like the Atonement is an expression of love for all humanity. I share that will all my heart.