Single mom shares 'A Recipe for a Happy Family

When her children were young, Conni Chavez decided to spend quality time with them every day, even if it meant simply cooking and doing other chores together. Although teaching her children how to make dinner often makes the cooking process longer, it's time that Chavez enjoys spending with her family.

In a new Mormon Channel video, Chavez explained that as a single mom with four children, she would often feel empty, but spending time with her children has given her happiness and comfort.

Chavez has also found that spending time together in the kitchen allows her children to open up to her about their lives.

'When I'm talking to my mom, I feel really loved, and it makes me feel really good inside, like she's not just my mom,' Chavez's 13-year-old son Logan said in the video. 'She's a person that watches over me every single day and thinks about me every single day.'

The video, 'A Recipe For a Happy Family,' was posted Monday and is the second video in the 'Happy Families' series.

Source: Deseret News