My Family History Journey

My Family History Journey

I have always been fascinated by genealogy work and the excitement of knowing my ancestors, so when the goal of gathering ten of my ancestors names to do baptisms and confirmations for them at the temple was issued, I was most ecstatic.

I wasn’t really sure how I was going to meet this goal, because most of my extended family was non-members of the church but I had faith that Heavenly Father would help me.

I remember starting my research without any help and I felt as though I could achieve this goal on my own. I wasn’t getting anywhere, I had three names without any information, and at that point I felt stuck both spiritually and physically. I had to make a decision, it was either I gave up or ask for help, so I decided to speak to my mother, who suggested that I called my grandmother (her mother). I was so scared I dreaded to make the call, my grandmother was a non-member and I wasn’t really sure how she would receive my request for her help, after all, baptism for the dead isn’t the easiest thing to explain.

I prayed to Heavenly Father to send the Holy Ghost to soften her heart and open her mind to this aspect of the gospel and my need for her help, and that is exactly what He did. When I called my grandmother she was more than happy to help, she even gave me full permission to act as proxy on behalf of them. I was overjoyed and grateful.

I still had a lot of work to do; I prayed everyday for help and guidance in my search and I made the commitment that every day I would try to find something or someone new to have all my ancestors’ temple ready. There were days that I was tired and felt discouraged but with the Spirit as my guide I never felt alone, and that gave me the strength to push on with the work.

The deadline was approaching and I had no names from my father’s side. To gather their records were very tricky and that made me feel as if I was hitting a road block. It was the morning that I was going to print my ancestors’ names and I was feeling very disappointed.  A few hours before I was to leave home, the Spirit said ‘Go to the cemetery and have your father call your grandaunt to come along’ and that was what I did. When I got to the cemetery I said to my ancestors “here I am please help me to find your information”, I stood for a moment and prayed. As I watched my father and grandaunt walk around the cemetery, I felt myself being led towards their head stones, I was so happy and grateful for their help and willingness to be a part of the gospel.

With the help of Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost, my ancestors, and family members, I had reached my target. I had sixteen worthy and willing temple ready ancestors!

The temple day arrived, and I could feel the enthusiasm and excitement of my ancestors, they were ready and waiting. During the baptisms and confirmations I could see each one of them coming unto to fold of Christ, I could feel their souls filled with joy and peace. I felt amazing, I could feel them touching me and thanking me and all I wanted to do was thank them for giving me the opportunity to be a part of something so special. My family history journey brought sixteen souls to salvation, and for that, I am and forever will be grateful for having this amazing gospel as a part of my life.