5 Gift Ideas that Bring Christ into Christmas

5 Gift Ideas that Bring Christ into Christmas

Christmas can be a crazy time of year. There are parties to plan, events to attend, and decorations to put up. Not to mention presents. Sometimes it’s difficult to find those peaceful moments that are so important at Christmas time. It’s in those moments that we remember our Savior Jesus Christ, and we grow closer to Him.

Here’s an idea: What if we combined the present-giving part of Christmas with the remembering-Christ part? These five ideas can get you started.

Here’s an idea:


1. Give the gift of His life.

Watch the nativity and other scenes from the Savior’s life with the Bible Videos collection. Available at BibleVideos.org, at the android and apple app stores, and now on DVD, these videos will provide you and your loved ones with a new and meaningful way to learn about Jesus Christ.


2. Give the gift of His ministry.

Give someone a “Day of Service Coupon,” which they may redeem at any time and for any project, or you can just show up and do something you know someone needs. Check out this Service Ideas List to start your thinking.


3. Give the gift of His word.

The New Testament, along with the other books of scripture, isavailable in multiple formats, including paperback and pocket size. Write your testimonies inside and give them to friends, family, neighbors, or anybody who would appreciate the chance to read about the Savior during this special season.


4. Give the gift of His birth.

Act out the nativity this year as a gift to your family and friends—but keep it simple. Nothing was overdone or extravagant that night long, long ago. It was just a stable, a manger, and a group of faithful people gathered together to celebrate the miracle of the world. Read in Luke 2:1–16 and use “The First Christmas” program from The Friend.

The Friend


5. Give the gift of His love.

Create a Scripture Service Chain with your family. Every day you can read a Christmas scripture, sing a Christmas song, or do a Christmas action. This fun activity will inspire you and your family to remember the true meaning of Christmas and share His love all season long.