A great work


The youth of the Caribbean is invited to participate in the Youth Music Festival, on March 17, 2021, at at 6:00 p.m. MDT. This will be a global virtual event.

The multilingual music program will be presented by the youth from the Dominican Republic, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, and the Philippines.

In this festival, everyone who participates will be edified through inspiring music in different languages. Testimonies from young people and Church leaders, as well as photos and videos from around the world. This event will help us feel more united through the gospel, regardless of where we come from or where we live, we are part of a great work.

Franchesca Martínez, a 16-year-old girl shared her expectation about the festival, “I love Church music for young people, listening to it has become one of my favorite activities. Through the festival I hope to be able to feel the spirit and feel closer to my Savior, I hope that my testimony is strengthened, and I receive comfort, thanks to the music that I will be able to listen to.

The motto of the festival “A Great Work” is based on the slogan for the youth for 2021: “Therefore, don't get tired of doing good, because you are laying the foundation of a great work. And from the little things come the big ones. Behold, the Lord requires a willing heart and mind” (Doctrine and Covenants 64: 33–34).

Youth Music Festival 2021 | Promo Video

Drummer Juamer Fernández, who is a member of the church and has recently been called as a missionary to the Santiago mission, Dominican Republic, expressed, “For me it was a super experience, very spiritual and special, to be able to participate as a musician in some of the songs prepared for the youth music festival before serving my mission. I hope that many young people find the motivation and inspiration they need in this wonderful event, but above all that they feel the spirit, just as we feel it”.

This concert is intended to inspire all young people and help them understand that Heavenly Father loves them and that they have an important purpose in his great plan no matter how old they are.

'The music of the song that I performed has a very important message, not only for young people but for all who listen to it, and I invite young people to participate in this wonderful event, they will enjoy beautiful music and good messages,' said Isaac Martínez a young singer from Santo Domingo who performed the song “Si tú crees” from the slogan album for young people 2021.

It is hoped that parents and leaders can help young people to be part of this meeting.

“In general, music has a lot of influence on all of us who listen to it, but the music of the motto for young people inspires, elevates, is a strength for them,” shared Kenia Marte, mother of part of the youth that will see the Festival.

This concert will be broadcasted on the Church's YouTube and Facebook channels, as well as on the Caribbean Area website caribbean.churchofjesuschrist.org. Also the recorded broadcast will be available for viewing on the official website of the Church and in the Gospel Library (online and in the app).

 We encourage all young people to invite their friends and acquaintances, both members and non-members of the Church, to enjoy this wonderful event.