“Prosner Colin: A Man of faith, vision, service, and of God”“Prosner Colin: A Man of faith, vision, service, and of God”


Prosner Colin is well-known both as hard worker, and a priesthood leader in the Caribbean Area as well his country Haiti. One of Prosner’s favorite statement is:” In Haiti, we don’t go to school not because we don’t want. Most of us don’t , because we can’t afford it.”. It seems that BYU-Idaho heard his call. In October 2014, Jorge Alvarado ( then Area Self-Reliance Manager) accompanied by Corey Christensen (Pathway International Manager) come to Haiti, and officially announced the Pathway program for the saints in Haiti. Among the 47 students that registered, and being accepted there was the name of Prosner Colin.

Watching President Colin, you imagine how difficult it was for him to manage: Family ( a father of three) , Church calling ( a Stake President), an Institute Teacher, a Church employee, a Pathway Student, and later on as a BYU-I student matriculating in the Business Management department where he’s emphasizing on Entrepreneurship; you would feel compassionate for him, and would even ask:” How can he manage all of this packaging activities altogether? Are the 24 hours enough for him?”.

Such questions are answered personnally by President Colin. He said:” One of my main supports when I felt discouraged -by spending many “nearly” sleepless nights- is a hymn we use to sing together”. Here is an exerpt:

“Today, today, work with a will;

Today, today, your duties fulfill.

Today, today, work while you may;”

Prepare for tomorrow by working today.” (Today, While the Sun Shines)

He continues his story:” Such words, the companionship of my fellow pathway students at the gathering on Thursday nights, without forgetting the loving care of my Heavenly Father. After a day full of stress, fatigue with heavy headache one of the best cures was the comforting words above.”

By december 2015 , Prosner Colin graduated in Pathway, and was among those who contributed to the class GPA of 4.0 scoring

himself 3.0. So, he did not stop. He’s now pursuing his long race to success by studying harder, sleeping less, and forgetting himself in the service of others. Last year, despite of many challenges he’s competing a 15- difficult-BYU-I-credits which help him to be granted a Certificate in Business Management.

Below are the encouraging words by the Dean at the BYU-Idaho Business Management Faculty: “Please let the self –reliance managers know so they can recognize and congratulate them, and and in the case of Prosner Colin, perhaps Mackenson can coach Prosner in utilizing the certificate to improve his Self Reliance. I believe this is the first Haitian certificate awarded, at least to my knowledge. This is not an easy certificate, so we congratulate Prosner on his efforts. “ Kevin Shiley, BYU-I Dean of Business Management Faculty And later, Corey Christensen who witnessed the efforts of many haitian students, more particularly Prosner, added:

” Brother Mackenson, Please see the email I received from BYUI this afternoon. What wonderful news! This is truly a day of celebration and much gratitude to all those involved in Pathway. Thank you for your continued support. » Corey Christensen, Pathway International Manager Prosner Colin is a man of faith, vision, service, and always teach through his example. May the Lord keep blessing him, his family, and all the haitians including the members throughout the country.